The employee monitoring software, work examiner, provides the tools to record the activity of all the employers, and reports get generated considering their productivity for the company. It has a list of tools to track the work computers in real-time by watching the keystrokes entered, the websites visited, etc.

When you install the software, you have chosen the option to hide from the company’s employers. After your secretly installing it, if employees accidentally find it, that will cause the loss of their trust in the company. So, it is advisable to be transparent about the matter. If you tell the employees that this will be natural and understandable by them as soon as you have implemented it. They will not argue with you as per the rules of the company.

The people became afraid that it will narrow down their workspace. That is why it is important to explain what things will be monitored. Proper monitoring of work computers does not break any freedom or rights of the employees. You will just monitor what the employees are doing during the work hours inside the company. And all the employees are paid for this.

Now there may have a question about when to hide the data from the employees. If you suspect any employee for his misconduct, then you can hide the data to prove his guilt to the authorities. For example, one or several of your employees are constantly delaying the natural workflow. And you want to show it to the senior authority with proof. If you suspect any of the employees are sharing important data with the rival companies, you can watch his activity. Employee monitoring software is also helpful to prevent sexual harassment or any kind of cyberbullying. If any senior employee is bullying any junior one using office computers, you can easily identify them. After proving it, you can give him a major punishment for his offense. You have to keep in mind that the employees always think bad about hidden monitoring. So, you should not tell all of them about it. A very few people should know how the system is implemented. 

Companies opt for software for various reasons. First of all, they do it to prevent social media abuse in the worktime of the office. To hide companies’ crucial data is also a cause to buy the software. The prevention of sexual harassment and cyberbullying can be prevented if we use the software. Thus, it is helpful to improving the working environment.