Injuries can be serious, and some may require lifelong medical treatment. You don’t want to be responsible for 100% of these costs alone. If you have suffered an injury, you may be entitled to compensation from the responsible party’s insurance company. Fortunately, there are ways to get the compensation you deserve after an accident. Contact car accident lawyers near me today for help. Here are some tips. To start, make sure you understand your rights and what to expect from your car accident lawyer.

Injuries from a car accident

Injuries from a car accident can range in severity. Some are minor, while others may be catastrophic. The type of injury a person suffers will depend on how severe the accident was, the speed of the collision, and whether or not there were multiple cars involved. Depending on the type of accident, victims may sustain broken bones or fractured pelvic bones. More serious injuries may cause dislocation of joints, which may require multiple surgeries and weeks of rehabilitation.

Ankles and feet are often the first areas to be examined after an accident. While not serious, fractures or sprains in the foot can result. In extreme cases, your foot can be severed. If you experience swelling, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Swelling, inflammation, and a limited range of motion are all common symptoms. Knee injuries are common during auto accidents. This is often caused by your knee slamming against the dashboard. Blood clots can travel to the heart, lungs, or brain.

Damages you may be entitled to receive

The damages you may be entitled to receive from car accident attorneys will depend on the specifics of your case. These types of damages include loss of consortium and affection. A loss of consortium claim can be made by an uninjured spouse, and it may include physical affection and sexual activity. Pain and suffering damages, on the other hand, can affect a married couple’s relationship. Loss of consortium damages can also include the surviving spouse’s future sexual activity.

In Louisiana, if you were injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to damages that are not associated with your injuries. In some cases, you may be entitled to compensation for things such as repairs to your vehicle or the value of your personal items. Non-injury damages can also include emotional pain and suffering, as well as lost wages. A car accident lawyer can help you determine the value of these claims to ensure you get the maximum compensation.

Cost of retaining a car accident lawyer

The cost of retaining a car accident lawyer varies widely depending on your specific situation and the type of case. In general, the fee charged by an accident lawyer will range from 33.3% of the settlement amount to as much as 40%. This fee will vary greatly depending on the quality of the attorney’s services and the legal market. If you do not have a complex case, the fee may be close to one-third of the settlement amount. If your case is complicated, you may have to pay a higher fee.

If the at-fault driver does not have insurance, a good attorney will search for the insurance coverage of the negligent party. Personal injury protection coverage pays for medical bills and lost wages up to the limit of the policy. PIP coverage is usually adequate to cover these expenses. If an accident is caused by someone with no insurance, this coverage pays for your medical bills up to a certain limit. In Kentucky, personal injury protection (PIP) is typically worth at least $10,000.