Cryptocurrencies have never been more popular or in the headlines more than they currently are today as many of us consumers are now looking to invest into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In fact, they are becoming that popular that some major businesses and industries are now actually accepting the currency as a form of payment for their goods and/or services and further pushes the narrative that cryptocurrencies are the future.

One of the industries leaders in terms of being the catalyst for the cryptocurrency industry to take off has been that of Tesla and Elon Musk. Electric carmaker Tesla became one of the first industries to announce that it is now accepting Bitcoin payments on all of their vehicle purchases as their CEO Elon Musk invested $1.5 billion into the Bitcoin cryptocurrency back in February and confirmed that Tesla and Musk see Bitcoin as the future and the stock of Bitcoin soared after this huge investment. 

Another industry that is starting to push into the cryptocurrency world has been that of the online casino world, with these EU casinos accepting UK Players, now looking to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a form of depositing and withdrawing on their markets. These EU casinos are currently offering one of the best all round gambling experiences for players and have a host of different sign-up offers and bonuses to choose from to enhance your chances of winning big. 

Another business that has now started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment has been PayPal. PayPal is an American company which operates in the online payment industry where you can transfer funds electronically and even make payments online through the application for goods and/or services. PayPal can now buy, sell or hold a select few cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and you are now able to track your cryptocurrencies through the PayPal app which is another handy feature, however, the only downfall with this is that you can’t transfer your Bitcoin out of your PayPal digital wallet.

And finally, e-commerce giants Amazon have also jumped on the bandwagon in joining fellow powerhouses in joining the bitcoin world. Although you cannot purchase items on Amazon exclusively through Bitcoin, you are now able to purchase Amazon vouchers through a company Bitrefill which is a platform that makes a living on cryptocurrencies easier by converting your bitcoin into gift cards, refill phones and so on. We fully do expect Amazon to be taking cryptocurrencies as a format of payment in the future though for sure.