The eyes are the most delicate and sensitive part of the human body. The Retina inside the eye is a thin sheet of tissue that runs along with the eye. Retina Surgery in the eye is required when the retina stops receiving oxygen. In such a condition, the patient might see objects floating across the eye in the form of shadows, flashes of light or dark spots. This is a serious condition, which, if not given immediate treatment, can cause complete loss of vision. The patient should immediately visit the ophthalmologist in case of such a symptom. In many cases, due to operation failure, the patient can file a medical lawsuit against the doctor. The Expert Ophthalmologist Witness has a crucial role in such areas of surgical complications.

What can happen in the case of retinal detachment?

Retinal detachments can occur especially after surgery. The common problems in case of retinal detachments are bleeding, infection, permanent loss of vision, failure to repair the detached retina which can result in numerous surgeries and increase pressure in the eye.

Retina Surgery Complications

Any surgery is always associated with some risk. In the case of retinal detachment repair, there are numerous risks. If general anaesthesia is given, it can cause breathing problems. Many patients have serious reactions to the medication. If the retina has been already damaged before reattachment, permanent loss of vision can occur. In maximum cases, the retina can be attached in a single operation, but sometimes there is a requirement of multiple procedures. Around 90 percent of retinal detachments can be repaired. However, in 10 percent of cases, retinal detachments cannot be repaired. The patient may have either poor vision or complete loss of vision in the eye in case of permanent detachments which may be due to surgical complications on the part of the surgeon.

Role of the Expert Witness in Retinal Surgery Problems

In the case of a retinal surgery malpractice lawsuit, an Eye Surgery Expert Witness is called upon by the attorney to provide independent technical analysis on the case. Their primary function is to assist the attorney in cases of a retinal operation complication on the part of the surgeon due to his negligence which has caused permanent eye damage. These witnesses are surgeons who are specialized and certified and have knowledge apart from medicine, to guide in case of a medical lawsuit. In case of permanent detachment of the retina after an operation due to the negligence of the surgeon, the patient can file a medical lawsuit against the doctor. A Retina Surgery Expert Witness provides information in cases of retinal detachments, in details in the form of reviews and reports which help in cases related to post-surgical complications of the retinal surgery. This guidance is very useful for the patient as they do not have to follow any lengthy procedures and get easily get the guidance to build a strong case of operation malpractice against the surgeon.

Compensation Claims in case of Retinal Detachments

If the patient has been a victim of medical negligence and suffers from loss of vision due to delayed diagnosis or surgical error or experiences further injury while undergoing treatment, then, he or she may claim for compensation due to eye damage.