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Best Cryptocurrency Applications in 2022

The popularity of cryptocurrency knows no bounds, and the cryptocurrency apps make trading effortless. Here are the top five exchanges with some exceptional features whose potential is growing.


eToro is a cryptocurrency exchange with headquarters in the UK, Cyprus, and Israel. The application made sure that it offered a good selection of cryptocurrencies on its platform. Additionally, it has been providing forex products and CFD derivatives to clients since 2007. One of the best features of eToro is its social trading feature. It presents commentating abilities with follow-up to match the investment of other cryptocurrency traders. Such features make its usage long-term and effective in the years to come.


Presenting an extensive array of cryptocurrencies, Binance has made trading an absolute treat for all crypto holders, merchants, and investors. Essentially, the exchange offers traders lower transaction fees and brings clients the ultimate safety they yearn for. The security is provided via Two Factor Authentication. Binance enables multiple order types with the market and stop limits.


Coinbase is one of the safest and most robust cryptocurrency exchanges that exist in the market. The exchange offers an easy-to-use interface that can be incorporated for beginners as well. The Coinbase Earn feature has a rewarding functionality that gives you crypto for learning about the coins available.


Designed for newcomers as well as experienced crypto enthusiasts, Kraken helps users make easy deposits and withdrawals. The exchange is one of the oldest U.S. crypto exchanges as it keeps track of all crypto under one platform efficiently. Buying and selling 50 cryptocurrencies with high cyber-security, Kraken has sophisticated trading features with 24/7 customer support globally.


Being extremely famous in India, the WazirX exchange lets you earn coins through a diverse set of contests. Additionally, you can invest using U.S. dollars, INR, and P2P. The security has to be one of the strongest features of WazirX and enables app passcodes from the phone’s settings.

There are numerous crypto exchanges in the market that are bringing the effortless experience to users. Using all of them requires a crypto wallet, such as Crypterium, to store your crypto assets. Thanks to their underlying functionality, wallets like Crypterium can be the best choice to keep your assets safe.