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Can You Sue Your Neighbor Or A Stranger When Their Dog Bites You?

If a dog owner’s dog causes an injury to you whether through a bite or not, they will almost always be held liable. This is also the case if their dog damages your property. In most cases, a fair settlement can be reached by both parties. However, there are times when you’ll have to file a lawsuit.

A good understanding of personal injury law Fairfax VA will help you determine when to sue the dog owner. If they are refusing to settle or there are legal requirements as detailed by your insurance company, you will have to sue your neighbor or a stranger when their dog bites you.

Questions to ask before suing

There are key questions that any lawyer would ask before giving you advice on whether or not to sue a dog owner because of the injuries caused by their dog’s bite. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Determining whether or not there’s any reason for the dog to be aggressive towards you

Did you do something to provoke the dog? Was the dog within the dog owner’s property? Does the dog have a history of being aggressive towards people? There are some questions that may be brought up.

The dog owner’s negligence will be the focus of most dog bite injury cases. Did they take the necessary steps to secure their dog to prevent it from biting people? Is the dog being kept in an environment where it will resort to aggression (ie.Lack of food and water)?

Determining whether it’s worth your time and money to sue for the injury

Just because you can sue doesn’t always mean you should. While a dog’s bite is not a minor thing at all, you also have to look at the time that you will have to spend meeting with your legal counsel and filing paperwork. This can cost you money because you might have to miss out on a few hours of work. It will also cost money to pay the lawyer and other fees that you might incur during the processing of a case regarding personal injury law Fairfax VA.

Expectations in a dog bite case

As long as it’s established that the injury you sustained was from a dog bite, you’re already one foot inside the door. You don’t have to prove the dog owner’s negligence. Instead, you will have to prove that it’s their dog that caused you harm.

If you can prove that you were bitten by the dog of the person you are suing, you can expect them to be held responsible for your medical expenses. Disfigurement, pain, and suffering can all be caused by a dog’s bite. You might also miss time from work among other obligations.

You must talk to a law firm that has extensive experience when it comes to personal injuries. They will be able to help you go through the steps needed to sue your neighbor or a stranger if you were bitten by their dog.

At Bolger Law Firm, we have over 30 years of experience handling every case imaginable. If you need an expert in personal injury law Fairfax VA, contact us today