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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are a number of common causes of motorcycle accidents. These include speeding, inexperience, and dangerous road conditions. Let’s explore each one in detail. You might be surprised to learn that these factors are equally responsible for motorcycle accidents. Here are some ways to avoid them. Remember to slow down! Don’t be distracted. Don’t let other drivers’ negligence cause you to lose control of your motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents are preventable if you follow these tips.


While inexperience is a common cause of motorcycle accidents, speed is also a factor. Studies indicate that more than a third of motorcycle accidents are caused by careless driving. This could be in the form of not paying attention to the road, speeding without noticing an oncoming vehicle, or texting while riding. If this is the case, it is critical for you to slow down and take the necessary precautions.


Inattention is a common cause of motorcycle crashes. Unfortunately, many drivers are distracted while driving, and fail to notice small motorcycles on the road. As a result, a driver may not see the motorcycle until it’s too late. Most motorcycle accidents are the fault of a driver’s inattention or reckless driving. To prevent accidents from happening, drivers should pay attention and slow down. A motorcycle accident attorney will be able to help you pursue a claim against a negligent driver who failed to watch out for you.


According to the National Highway and Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. In addition to increasing the risk of traffic crashes, speeding also affects a motorcycle driver’s ability to react in time. In addition, motorcyclists do not have the protection of enclosed vehicles, making the risk of collisions even higher. In fact, more than 9,000 motorcycle deaths occurred in 2017 due to speeding.

Dangerous road conditions

Motorcycle accidents are caused by a variety of factors, including speeding and poor road conditions. Motorcycles are lighter than cars and are less stable, making them more prone to accidents due to lack of traction. Additionally, motorcyclists should take extra precaution when traveling on wet or crumbling pavement. Regardless of the circumstances, avoiding such hazardous road conditions is essential to preventing motorcycle accidents.

Failure to see motorcyclists

Several reasons can contribute to a motorist’s failure to see a motorcycle. For instance, the driver may be scanning the road for larger objects and miss the motorcyclist. Another possible cause is the motorcyclist’s narrower profile. To help prevent collisions, it is important to wear brightly colored clothing and make yourself visible. In addition, motorcycle drivers should never drive too fast for the conditions. This is because weather conditions, potholes, gravel, and uneven road surfaces are all potential hazards.