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How can Orthopedic Witnesses help in Ankle Surgery Malpractices?

Ankles bear the entire weight of our body and therefore, ankle injuries are very common.  In most cases, ankle injuries or damages take place due to sports activities or due to wrong twists or bends. The fractures are probably due to accident or sports-related injuries. At times, the injuries and fractures become so serious that surgeries become the only solution for restoring your ankle. However, surgeries might not be always successful, and in some cases, there can be complications during or after surgery. There can be both legal and medical complications in both non-surgical and surgical treatments due to practical and anatomical complications that are exclusive to individual cases. All these lead to malpractices and patients can file a lawsuit against the surgeons performing these surgeries. Because orthopedic surgeons are the ones who carry out these surgeries, they are frequently sued for malpractices in ankle surgery.

What is ankle surgery?

Ankle surgery is a procedure in which a cut is done to insert an arthroscope inside the ankle. The incised area is stitched to close the cut and bandage is done. The patient might need to wear ankle casts to provide support to the ankle until it becomes completely stable.

Considering the number of surgical procedures performed by orthopedic surgeons, malpractices have become a trend. If you have faced any complication during or after a surgery, you can file lawsuits against them. Complexities can take place due to several reasons- lack of care, and medical negligence. Though ankle surgery is a safe procedure, the patients can face complexities during or after surgery. Some of the complexities include:

  • Nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Bleeding from the surgical lesions

The most common complication that happens in ankle injury is nerve damage. However, if you’re facing any of the above complications, you can file a lawsuit for the same. However, proving others’ negligence is not an easy job and you need supporting facts and data to prove your claims. The attorney representing you can call an orthopedic expert witness, as an outside opinion to provide evidences for medical malpractices related to ankle surgeries.  Orthopedic witnesses perform independent medical examinations and provide an expert opinion with matters related to medical malpractices. The expert witnesses determine the reasons for complications for which the lawsuit was filed- whether it’s due to negligence, wrong surgical procedure, unexpected side affects, or whether the patient was uninformed of the nature of the procedure. These experts have a broad medical experience and it is because of this experience, these expert witnesses can understand the complications related to ankle surgeries. A skilled orthopedic surgeon witness should be able to figure out the orthopedic procedures that can cause injuries or damages.