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How can you decrease the intensity of injuries in a motorcycle accident?

The aims & objectives of traffic laws for motorcyclists are to save lives, but in backward 3rd world countries, most motorcycle accidents prove fatal due to the lack of giving importance to those rules that are for their benefit. On the other hand, the situation in developed countries is different from lane changes to other actions on the road. 

The best way to decrease the intensity of injures  

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The best way to decrease the intensity of injuries is to use safety gear no matter what city in the country and what country of the world you are in. The governments must act to decrease motorcyclist-associated crashes, particularly in backward 3rd world countries. As you may already know fatal injuries are those that lead to deaths including motorcycle crashes that are even more fatal than car crashes. 

It is sad to see that government organizations in backward countries are not as active as they must be. I think the lives of motorcyclists are at risk as long as they are riding on the road with no safety gear to save them in case of an accident. For instance, in the absence of a helmet, motorcycle injuries may prove to be fatal. 

The difference between car & motorcycle crashes 

There is a huge difference between car & motorcycle crashes. Motorcycles are open and unsafe vehicles with just two wheels that may be slipped, and on top of that, there is no shield or cover to reduce injuries from all four sides. This is why motorcycle crashes are more fatal than 4-wheel vehicle crashes. There‚Äôs no denying that motorcycle crashes are more dangerous and fatal than car crashes, but safety gear is the only thing you can put on to save your body parts especially when talking about the head.