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How much is an accident personal injury case worth

It’s necessary and important that an accident victim, regardless of the place or country where he or she is located, can understand that his or her personal injury claim is valid, even before reaching a settlement with the insurance company that has been responsible for the accident.

In this regard, it is the understanding of a monetary amount of legal compensation that allows those affected to reach a valid settlement with which to cope, to some extent, with the new reality of life for the victims and their physical injuries.

Personal injury lawyers can best advise and guide clients as to what benefits they should receive after being the victim of a negligent accident, as well as the grounds and characteristics on which the claim should be drafted.

Compensable Damages or Injuries

If you are going through a situation of injuries as a result of an accident, you should know that you have the possibility of getting ahead with the help of an experienced lawyer of Richard Harris personal injury law firm in Reno Nevada. The right to receive a financial award covers the following aspects.

Medical expenses

Each of the medical expenses that were not paid by the personal insurance can be included in this compensation. This includes medical care, as well as surgeries, treatment bills, nursing care and medication costs.

Rehabilitation costs

Refers to daily rehabilitation payments such as care provided by a medical professional in the victim’s home, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and other rehabilitation costs are reimbursable.

Personal out-of-pocket expenses

If you have had to spend money on child care, home cleaning aids, chauffeurs, ambulances or other support personnel that were not necessary prior to receiving the injuries, these are considered compensable expenses. You may also be able to receive compensation for future expenses.

Lost wages

This type of reimbursement is for loss of income due to inability to attend work, and includes reduced hours, time off work, or a change of career with less pay due to the injuries.

Pain and suffering

This kind of feeling is also compensated with money, and undoubtedly represents a radical change of life. Here one can name not being able to attend school, missing vacations, feeling physical pain or suffering from embarrassment. All this incurs physical and mental disabilities caused by the accident.

Property damage

In case the accident has caused damage to your property, you are eligible for monetary compensation.

When compensation may be reduced

The items listed above can be reduced if it can be proven that the defendants are at fault for the accident. Insurance companies will deny liability for personal injuries to a certain percentage and that is where your personal injury attorney should come in. In other words, the award of compensation will be less because of a small percentage of liability.

That is, if you were 25% responsible for the crash because you were answering a call on your cell phone while driving and did not pay attention, your compensation will be reduced by the same 25%, since this is considered negligent behavior.

How to make a proper monetary estimate of possible compensation

In the first instance it can be very difficult for an injury victim to have a proper and fair estimate, which is why it is so critical to have legal representation. In this way, an injury attorney can claim what his or her client truly deserves according to current legal guidelines.

For example, much of compensable damages are subjective. But even so, while pain and suffering is not in fact quantifiable, experienced injury lawyers can help estimate a reasonable amount for this kind of suffering.