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Instagram has become the most preferred form of social media platform that has been used by many business owners these days. Among other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc, Instagram is the only one who has gained this much popularity in a very short time.

The photo-sharing app was created in 2010 and from that time the platform has been trying to provide the best service to the users by creating new features now and then and keep entertaining them so that the popularity grows. 

It’s true that in a matter of just a few months Instagram has made a record of gaining a huge number of users right after it was launched. For that reason, the CEO and the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg have decided to buy Instagram after just 18 months of its invention. 

Many types of research have been done and the statistics that were given to us are that every month approximately one billion people are creating their Instagram accounts. Other statistics have shown that at least 500-800 million of active users are spending their time on Instagram. Half of the people tend to follow many brands and reputable businesses. 

That’s why business owners should rethink their business strategy and if they still do not have a business profile on Instagram, they should create one right away.

Not having a business profile on Instagram means you are doing a disservice to your business and that won’t bring you any good results and you will be eliminated from the competitor’s list.

Another way of becoming successful is having a verified Instagram account and for that among other things, you will need to gain many followers. Gaining a huge number of followers is not an easy task and it can make you feel overwhelmed at times. So you can consider getting free Instagram followers instantly if you don’t want to wait long enough. 

However, in this article, we will talk about the ‘stories’ features of Instagram and how you can make great use of it to grow your business.

How-to contents and making tutorials

According to studies, if you want your business to become successful sooner, you need to know how to utilize the ‘stories’ function of Instagram. You can share some how-to contents of products relevant to your business or also share some tutorial videos so that your consumer base can understand your business and get interested.

User-generated content is a must

For every business owner, creating user-generated content is a must thing to do while using their business profile on Instagram.

Try to put some behind the scene stories too

How your business is being done or how the products are being made, etc can be good content that can be shared via stories of Instagram. 

Deals, promotions, and offers

You can share deals, offers, and promotions of your brand through the stories.

Special offers or contests

To engage the consumer base to your profile, you can create contests and offer prizes through stories of Instagram.