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Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Digital Payments?

The world is changing as we speak (or in this case – read). There are many technological advancements taking place every day. The world is moving ahead and it’s moving digital. There is no doubt that the digital era that we live in today will remain the same even 5 years down the line. When it comes to finance, digital currency is a hot topic. Digital currency is the future, without a doubt. Many countries and companies have tried to bring new currency or a new form of currency but only one has reached the potential. What are we talking about? The digital money that we are hinting towards is cryptocurrency. This currency has become popular among the masses and now, it is even being accepted as payment by many businesses. The crypto market is sure to grow in the times to come so if you want to, now is the time to Buy Binance, Ethereum, Ripple, or any currency of your choice. All these factors and more raise an important question: Is cryptocurrency the future?

If you have been following the news, you must have heard about  NFTs. These are Non-Fungible Tokens. A NFT can be a work of art, a video, and even audio. NFT’s have only one owner at a given time, thus, they can trade these NFTs with others by paying in cryptocurrencies. NFTs are secured by the Ethereum blockchain and thus their transactions are transparent as well as safe. Many artists have sold their art via NFTs. In times to come, NFTs may become a larger part of our lives along with cryptocurrency, as NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Now as you see, they are already being used as a payment option for NFTs. Within years, using cryptocurrency for day-to-day transactions may become a norm. Think, you buy doge coin today, and in years to come you pay for your pizza using that same doge coin. It may be possible given the security and growth of the crypto market.

If cryptocurrency really becomes the future of digital payments and you don’t own one, you are going to regret it. Why not start investing today? It is a myth that cryptocurrencies are expensive. There are Altcoins available as cheap as a dollar and there are even coins worth 3 Rs. You can start investing with as little as 100 Rs. using any crypto trading app. We recommend using CoinSwitch which is one of the best app for crypto trading. The app is simple to use and houses many coins for you to diversify your investments. Remember to be patient and hold cryptocurrency for a longer period of time for better returns. Get rich quick strategies may lead you to loss. Keep an eye out for crypto news and stay updated with the current trends and new coins that come into the market. Always research before investing in a new coin. Check market capital, volume and the circulating supply of a currency before buying.

Happy investing!