In case of a school accident, it is necessary to take all necessary measures to ensure that victims and their parents are helped and supported, especially during serious events.

I – The importance of first aid

It is the responsibility of school principals and school heads to ensure the care of the injured student in the best conditions, in accordance with the current National Protocol on the organization of care and emergencies in schools and schools. Then there is also the consultation that the parents can take from the personal injury – Walton County, GA  regarding any mishap.

II – Support for parents

The accident experienced by a student is always a traumatic experience for families who expect the school institution to provide psychological and material support commensurate with the severity of the event. Problems of a legal nature, particularly with regard to liability issues, should not overshadow this crucial issue for families who use the public service. The parents or the legal representative of the pupil concerned shall receive the help and advice necessary to facilitate the procedures following the accident of which their child has been the victim. It is desirable that the parents are received by the school principal or school head (or his / her representative) to ensure that they have all the elements necessary for the proper care of their child, particularly by insurance companies.

III – The need to communicate the accident report within a reasonable time

The methods of communicating the accident report must satisfy a requirement of maximum responsiveness on the part of the administration. It is, in accordance with the principle stated above, not to add to the emotional context caused by the accident tedious procedural constraints, even abusive.

With this in mind, it is the responsibility of the school principal or headteacher to draw up an accident report within forty-eight hours to the hierarchical authority when one or more pupils have been victimized. an accident in the school setting. This report, to which are attached the testimonies, must be as complete as possible and allow to establish, in a precise and detailed way, the exact circumstances of the accident. 

  • For all intents and purposes, you will find listed in the appendix the mentions or information not to be omitted. It may be transmitted to families, subject to obscure references to third parties, including the identity of witnesses, as well as those covered by the secrecy of privacy such as the name, address and contact information of insurance companies. parents of the child author, in accordance with the provisions of point II of article 6 of the law n ° 78-753 of the modified July 17th, 1978, bearing various measures of improvement of the relations between the administration and the public and various provisions administrative, social and fiscal matters. 

The condition of privacy, set out in the same section of the Act, must, however, be interpreted in a limited way. A document which merely describes the facts relating to an accident can not be regarded as an invasion of privacy merely because it contains information on the attitude of the officers responsible for the supervision of the pupils.