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RA Micro Alternatives For Lawyers

As a lawyer, you know from your experience that your job is not limited to representing your client in court. You also have to dedicate time and effort to perform many other tasks such as the investigation processes, the preparation of documents, the registration of hours worked, the invoicing, the collection, the processing of the payments, and much more. In this sense, RA Micro software for lawyers plays a major role so that you can be much more productive. You can also found several ra micro Alternative tools online, according to your requirements. They are terminal server systems that seek to digitize and automate a large number of your daily tasks.

Types of software for lawyers

Within the legal tech industry, we can highlight two types of software for lawyers capable of increasing productivity levels.

Lawyer software for legal processes

The software for lawyers for legal processes are those systems that are specially designed to streamline tasks that belong solely and exclusively to the legal field, such as consulting judicial files, preparing documents, reviewing contracts, analyzing litigation strategies, among others. The importance of this type of specialized digital technology is that the profitability of the lawyer depends on how productive he can be when carrying out his legal work. The lawyer can be more productive and more profitable since he has the opportunity to make better use of his time. Get your access to the latest version of cloud-based legal software patch now.

Software for lawyers for administrative processes

During their daily hours, lawyers are not only dedicated to legal processes, but also to administrative processes. For example, when a firm does not have administrative staff, then the same lawyers are in charge of administrative tasks such as billing online or customer service.

In fact, of the nine working hours a day, lawyers usually spend an average of 6.7 hours on tasks related precisely to administration. These types of tasks do not generate any kind of profitability. They are problems known as enemies of legal productivity since it prevents lawyers from spending all that amount of hours to advance their pending legal work.

Keys to choosing the best software for lawyers

If you want to implement the best software for lawyers in the firm then we recommend evaluating the following factors.

Cloud Lawyer Program

If you use a computer system or an app that works in the cloud then you can access all the information from anywhere. If you have cloud-based administrative software for lawyers, then you can support your clients by implementing electronic invoicing from your mobile phone.

Security level of software for lawyers                                                                                        

Data protection is an issue that is gaining importance internationally. Above all, it is one of the primary problems for companies to date. You must not over look it. It is advisable to choose software for lawyers that allow you to have control of who accesses the data and that runs on high-grade data encryption module. If there are any security problems, it is much easier to detect where the fault is. Ensure the legal software has speech recognition feature designed by Dictanet

Degree of customization of the programs for lawyers

The RA Micro online software with integrated Microsoft Office adapts to what the law firm needs, taking into account that all firms have different needs depending on the number of partners and lawyers, and their legal specialties. For this reason, it is important that before making the final choice between one systems or another, the firm carefully update what its needs are.

Price of software for lawyers

Price is always an important criterion of choice, but it should not be the only one. In fact, it is important to understand that RA Micro cloud legal software is an investment and not an expense. It is an investment. Thanks to the automation of IT tasks it allows, the firm’s lawyers become much more productive, which translates into being able to carry out a greater amount of work and therefore increases income. With cloud-based legal software for lawyers, you can update your economic profitability.


Thanks to the support of cloud-based vOffice login software for lawyers, you can dedicate 100% of your time only to the activities that you can bill your clients. For example, the administrative tasks that you sometimes perform within the firm are not billable and, therefore, do not generate profits.

However, if you automate these activities with a vOffice task manager, then you have the freedom to dedicate yourself to the processes related to the judicial projects of your clients. In addition, those Information and activities do generate an inflow of cash.