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Right Avenues on the Criminal Defense Lawyer Merriam

Choosing a good criminal lawyer in the Federal District can be a more difficult task than it seems. There are many famous offices and, with so many different options, doubt can become a terrible advisor.

If you need a criminal lawyer it is because you are certainly experiencing a delicate and unusual situation. Therefore, doubt cannot be involving your choices. You must have confidence and certainty when hiring a professional to solve the problem, whether you are a defendant or a victim.

Want to know how a criminal lawyer can help you and make your choice right? Check out the text below! Here is some information for you.

What is the role of a criminal lawyer?

The lawyer in Criminal Law acts in the protection of human rights, in ensuring the application of criminal law without excess. Criminal Law is considered the sentinel of the American legal system and, therefore, is only called when it is not possible to activate other branches. It is the tool that the State has to punish.

It is at this point that criminalist advocacy arises, to avoid state excesses, based on the principles of the presumption of innocence and the other fundamental guarantees and rights provided for in the Federal Constitution.

There can only be a fair trial when the defendant, whenever found guilty, is punished with a criminal conviction, or, if found innocent, is acquitted. For there to be a trial, it is necessary to have accusation and defense, therefore, the Criminal Defense Lawyer Merriam never suffer prejudice by society for defending – within the law – his client. He always remembers that without defense, there is no condemnation.

Thus, when a crime occurs, the criminal lawyer must always be present, helping to solve the case and seeking social balance.

Can you hire a lawyer to charge the defendant?

It is important to clarify that the criminal lawyer is not used to “defend bandits”, but to ensure that everyone has their rights respected, even those who have broken the law.

The criminal lawyer can act by accusing the defendant, alongside the Public Ministry (MP) or alone, in cases in which this prosecuting body is inert.

The lawyer as an assistant prosecutor

It is very common to find a criminal lawyer in the Federal District working alongside the Public Ministry. This is because, despite the fact that the Federal Constitution only gave the Public Prosecutor the legitimacy to propose public criminal actions, the Criminal Procedure Code provides for the possibility of the victim having a more active participation in the process, constituting a lawyer to assist and accompany prosecution of the prosecutor as an assistant prosecutor. This is the victim’s first chance to hire a lawyer to charge the defendant.