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Sexy stripper role play

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When people think about a Melbourne strip club, especially those that get booked for special performances or stage shows, they have sexy ladies in some costume playing out a fantasy in mind.

Thanks to modern-day American television, everyone had the idea that a large percentage of men fantasize about almost-naked women in some form of uniform. The popular ones are cop and nurse.

You may think it’s perverse. Do most men fantasize about nude policewomen and nurses? Not quite. The cop and nurse might be classic favourites but there ae other firm favourites. Let’s look at the most favoured stripper costumes:


The idea of half naked nurse in a skirt that’s barely there and fishnet stockings can get any red-blooded male from zero to a hundred very quickly. The classic nurses’ outfit is the one with as much skin showing. It comes with a hat and a stethoscope that can be used as props for a role play scene.


Some men are turned on by women who are in charge and for a sport living man there is no better figure than a referee. There is something about a scantily dressed, beautiful lady sucking and blowing a whistle. She tells you to sit and focus, like a taskmaster and then proceeds to take her clothes off, one tiny bit of it at a time.

School girl

Maybe grown men shouldn’t give into fantasies about School girls in pigtails but they do. It’s a cliché:  tight white shirt, a short plaid skirt that barely cover her bottom and white knee-high socks.


The devil. She is the embodiment of all that is forbidden; kinky, sinfully sexy and attractive in all the wrong ways. Ref lingerie dies things to men but when it is used to package a gorgeous body, you’ll be trying hard not to follow those red eels or avoid that pitchfork from pining you to your seat for what will be the best lap dance you could ever have.

French Maid

Dirty little boys get spanked, or so you would hope from a sexy French maid but she is just there to make you mess yourself in your pants. It’s the old, tried and tested French maid with a French bun in a cute bland and white maid’s dress that is too small to cover most of her body.  She has fishnet stockings and incredibly high stilettos that she twirls rather than walks on. She is dressed to please and will do so with a raunchy lap dance.

These are classic costumes that may be part of a stage performance or some other performance in a strip club. You probably think that these outfits are your standard, easy-to-get costume get ups you could get for your wife or girlfriend but it takes a special kind of girl to pull them off.

Strippers at a Melbourne strip clubknow how to work these outfits and draw the characters they are supposed to, they can also invent role play you yourself have never seen being played out. Stage performances have moved from just about swaying to music and removing bits of clothing slowly. They are a production with costumes and specially curated choreography. Strippers at Melbourne strip club go to a lot of trouble to make sure that you have the best time and you keep coming back for more.