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The role of a translator depends on the society to which they belong. Factors like whether if the society is multilingual, monolingual and the international standout impacts the compensation a translator receives. In the past, the Korean society didn’t sponsor the need for translators and there wasn’t much of a demand from the society either. But since the 1980s and the advent of the modern era came foreign trade Korean translators were highly in demand. Speaking English fluently is considered as a huge asset in Korea. Conference interpreters and translators, therefore, are considered as the master English speakers.

The future of translation services across the globe

Considering not only big companies or small enterprises have begun to serve a much more globalized client base. From this advancement stems the need to communicate across the languages and cultures that growing ever so rapidly. The translation is a complex job if adequate care is not taken it will cause a very common barrier termed as lost in translation for the parties involved at each end. Failures in translation lead to much bigger losses, such as bad reputation, exposure on a legal basis, physical harm to the parties and even industrial hazards. The parties involved can be in the form of two cultures, languages, disciplines and industries each of them with their distinct priorities.

Many firms are adamant on spending a significant amount of money to ensure that the communication in their network of operations is done smoothly. This need for communicating accurate information in the form of translation has led to the phenomenon of localization.

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