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The Top Reasons for Divorce – Why Most Couples End Their Marriage

What are the main reasons for divorce? Is there a common thread running through the reasons for divorce? Is there anything that can be done in order to avoid the main reasons for divorce?

Is your marriage on the rocks and you are afraid that you may be headed for divorce? While many couples face this decision every year, there are some main reasons for divorce. Keep reading for the most common reasons why couples choose to end their marriage and see if any of them match what you and your husband are currently facing.


The number one reason for divorce is one partner straying from the marriage. This can lead to a very real breakdown of trust and communication within the marriage. In fact, infidelity is listed as the reason for separation in more than one-third of the divorces in the United States. It really doesn’t matter if a spouse has cheated once, twice or repeatedly strays. There are also several reasons for infidelity including resentment or sexual boredom.

Communication Breakdown

If couples are unable to communicate clearly with each other, this will eventually lead to a breakdown of a marriage which could result in divorce. This can happen when couples either avoid exchanges or cannot talk to each other without conflict. Communication is the cornerstone of any marriage and it must be there for the relationship to survive.


This abuse can come in many forms including sexual, emotional, physical or psychological. Whenever one spouse is abusive to the other or to the children, then the other spouse needs to immediately file for divorce. Physical abuse can include fighting and hitting. Emotional abuse can include such things as verbal insults which lead to humiliation and intimidation.