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What are you doing this year to grow your Instagram account?

With increasingly cutthroat competition among creators, growing a successful Instagram presence now requires a calculated strategy. Simply posting quality content no longer guarantees visibility and engaged communities. This year, take a step back to ensure your Instagram profile and presence aligns with your core brand identity. Evaluate whether your profile image, name, bio, and content theme cohesively communicate who you are and what you offer. With just seconds to make first impressions, visitors should instantly recognize your unique value. Lean into visual and written cues that set you apart. Simplify and tailor branding elements to your ideal audience. Distinct and consistent identity is crucial for cultivating an iconic presence people recognize in the endless Instagram scroll.

Double down on video

If you aren’t prioritizing Instagram video content as part of your growth plan this year, you’re already way behind. Video now accounts for over 90% of the most engaging and visible posts on the platform. Whether producing tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, or entertaining reels, video immersion remains non-negotiable. Enlist creator tools facilitating production, multi-format exports, and key analytics. And don’t forget emerging formats like Lives and Stories for more authentic community connection.

Get specific with targeting

Rather than wasting 2023 posting for everyone, strategically target niche communities aligned with your brand. Use Instagram’s audience selection tools or leverage buyer personas to identify key demographics, interests, and behaviors of ideal customers. Tailor content, partnerships, cross-promotion, and even ads explicitly resonating with specific groups. While seemingly limiting, narrow targeting fuels visibility and engagement as you become known as the specialist in your focused vertical.

Hashtags also offer free real estate for visibility and authority amongst Instagram’s billions of users. Identify tags aligning with your niche like #socialmediamarketing or #fashionblogger then consistently adopt them across posts. But, 2023 calls for taking ownership of key tags rather than just fitting in. Share knowledge and highlight others using your claimed tags. Start conversations and host contests around niche themes. Set yourself as the trendsetter within owned communities.

Get strategic with paid ads  

While organic content should form the core of Instagram efforts, paid ads present cost-effective opportunities for precise targeting and testing content variations.  Leverage formats like boosted posts and Instagram story ads to reach outside your current bubbles. Create lookalike audiences around existing followers for highly targeted proposals. Start small to identify winning formats and positioning for scaled adoption.

If previous years struggling with organic growth felt demoralizing, 2023 offers hope for new creators thanks to reputable follower services. Beyond vanity metrics, providers like deliver business impact through perceived authority and social proof. Initial followers purchased ethically and transparently attract real visibility, engagement, and conversions over time. For under $100, Famoid’s retention guarantees provide the momentum struggling organic accounts need to finally take off this year. Standing still guarantees getting left behind on Instagram as competition constantly intensifies. Committing to targeted branding, video immersion, niche communities and a dash of growth hacking gives brands a fighting chance at rising above the noise. Sustainable success ultimately depends on knowing precisely who you serve and creating value specifically for them across every facet of Instagram.