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What is harassment and how can we define it?

Harassment isn’t something that is limited to a specific meaning or has a limited area of interest covered under it. This word has vast meanings and so it also covers a lot of aspects under its meaning. Its not necessary that if someone is being physical or is touching you at inappropriate places of your body accidentally but on purpose, or your boss forcing you to attend the party with him or is planning a date with you and want you to serve him sexually, only then you can call it harassment. Harassment can take on many meanings in the respect of different situations or conditions. An employer if making you work much late after the working hours or is giving you more work than rest of the employees but is paying you too less for it is also called as harassment. As you do the job to support your family and make both ends meet then nobody either he is your immediate boss or your employer, can deprive you of your rights. 

But then the same reason comes here again that each of such person who is subjected to such ruthless attitude don’t report it because of the fear of losing the job. Even if it is a minor job, but it is playing a part in managing the expenses of his family and he can’t lose it just because he couldn’t cope up with harassment atreported it or filed a case with the help of any employment lawyer.

How to fight back against workplace harassment?

If you are a person who is being harassed by his employer in the name of lessening your pay if you don’t do double amount of work than other employees or you haven’t been paid your salary for last couple of months without any reason and the employer is now blackmailing you, then you shouldn’t despair in grief. Even in this scenario you have a very strong way to fight back your employer, because all you have to do is to hire an employment lawyer for yourself and he will guide you with the best legal pathway by which you not only will be gaining back your salary which is your basic right as you had worked in that office but you can also get extra money if you file the claim against the employer for giving you salary too late without any genuine reason. Your employment lawyer will prepare a strong case for you in this regard and will fight the legal battle for you.

Keep in mind that you are supposed to disclose each small detail of your case to your lawyer. Only then he can be in a position to help you out. It is very important that you should be as comfortable with your lawyer as possible so that you don’t feel hesitated to tell the lawyer about the sexual harassment that happened with you at your workplace.