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What Is The Meaning Of Certified Translation?

Certified translation needed when legal English documents Translation (แปลเอกสารภาษาอังกฤษ, which is the term in Thai) required. A licensed translation implies that a signed certificate has been provided by the translator, indicating that the translation is performed an accurate and true reflection of the original document.

A certified translation provides the translation of legal documents; that’s the reason the government institute required the submission of the certified translation.

For immigration purposes, an individual needs a certified translation for language conversion of the document.

Students who want to study abroad also need certified translation for their transcripts and diplomas.

Certified Translation Requirements:

Certified interpretations, used for immigration purposes, will meet the following requirements:

  • When you submit your visa paperwork in the United States, you need authorized copies of records not written in English.
  • For certified translation, use a qualified translator or translation service. Even if you can speak English and learn the root language, you are not eligible to do a professional translation.
  • The adaptation has to fit the original’s presence visually. Seals, signatures, and other markings will appear much like in the initial in the same position in the translation.
  • The original document has to be fully translated directly. All signatures, marks, dashes, stamps, and seals have also to be converted. The translator must mark those parts in the original that are not clear in the English translation.

Difference Between the Certified Translation And Certified Translator:

Many people get confused about the certified translation and certified translator. According to them, the certified translator can do the certified translation. They both term are not related when an individual passes the exam of translation and gets certified by an authorized translation organization, they are called certified translators.

While, for the certified translation, the certified translator is not necessary. Instead, it is a translation certified by a qualified translator to be an accurate and exact translation of the original or source document.