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Why do VPS providers not allow torrenting?

Torrenting in different countries is a very normal thing, and almost everyone does it. But some countries still do not allow safe torrenting as well. The main goal of torrenting is to download and get access to limited or expensive data in a much cheaper and easier way. 

However, for the countries where torrenting is not allowed, there are ways like using torrent friendly VPS. A torrent friendly VPS is a simpler way through which the users can use torrent without any high expenses and with utmost security. Furthermore, you can also buy an anonymous VPN for torrenting. A VPN is used to give access to the masked IP addresses and encrypts your data by making your availability or the online activities hidden and private.

It can be helpful for such people who live in a country where torrenting is considered illegal. There are several more best torrenting VPS, but a lot of people are not aware of them. Hence, today we will discuss why VPS providers do not allow torrenting and are torrenting is illegal or not.

What is a torrent, and how does it work?

The most asked question until now is what a torrent is and how does it work. There is no rocket science in understanding what torrents are. It simply means to disperse or distribute several files over the internet. They tend to function over the bit torrent protocol to give facilitations like the peer-to-peer connection or peer-to-peer file sharing.

There are countless benefits of using torrent-based file sharing as compared to the old methods of file sharing. The basic and main benefit of using torrent-based file sharing along with the bit torrent protocols is that no kind of expensive server is required. You do not have to get any access to expensive file-sharing servers to send them to people over a network while using the torrent. 

While you use the torrenting file sharing method, there is no requirement for good seeding. However, if you want your files to be downloaded easily, quickly, and without any connection interruptions, then you can induce the windows VPS seedbox. 

How do torrents work?

After describing what torrents are now, we will dive into the details of how torrents work. A lot of people might find the concept of how torrents work a bit bland and quite confusing. But the concept of how torrents work is pretty simple.

•For the torrents to work, they rely on peer-to-peer connections. By this, it means that the data can be accessed from more than one server from anywhere at once as well. 

•So, anyone who is downloading the torrent gets it in bits and other parts from the other server sources.

•A torrent file or torrent data includes the information that informs the users which computers are a part of the file-sharing process. 

It is also known to provide information regarding the files and folders that a user is currently downloading. For this, the torrent client needs to connect to a tracker that includes the IP addresses of that particular device. 

Is torrenting legal?

The system of file sharing using the bit torrent protocol is safe and legal. A lot of users have this misconception that torrenting is illegal and some crime. Well, here is where the line is drawn. When it comes to torrenting, you should be at ease that it is not illegal from any perspective. But what is illegal is the type of content you are sharing or downloading. 

In much simpler words, torrent is legal until the content or any file you are downloading is legally available. Downloading illegal content using torrent can be very risky, and you can be arrested for the crime of sharing or uploading copyright content. 

Why do torrenters use VPN?

Vpn stands for a virtual private network. There are several reasons for users or torrenters use the virtual private network for torrenting. Some of the main reasons why people use VPN are specified below.

•Keeps your identity anonymous 

The main reason for using a virtual private network is the hidden identity while downloading files or data using torrenting-based file sharing.

•Shields your IP addresses 

the other important reason why people choose to use VPN is the protection of their IP addresses. 

Some of the best VPN for torrenting are mentioned below.



•Hotspot Shield. 

•Private Internet Access.



How to torrent safe and secure?

To use a torrent in a much safe and secure way is to use or get access to a virtual private server. A virtual private server allows the access of data privately and secures your connection as well. Therefore, if you want to use torrenting, then do look out for buying a good VPS. 

Virtual private servers do vary according to their prices. You can buy cheap VPS as well since there are just too many of them, or you can use a windows VPS seedbox. Or, to surf safely, do keep an option to buy anonymous vps for torrenting.

Some of the cheap and yet good virtual private servers are stated below.




•A2 hosting 

A virtual private server is known to provide more flexibility and a much easier margin to expand your business setup as well. 

Best torrent friendly VPS providers

Some of the best torrent friendly VPS providers are mentioned below.


It can transfer and distribute large amounts of data. It disables the limitations of outdated downloading, which uploads and downloads many parts of a large file at a similar time.


It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, it has a large number of users over the Internet. Includes a fast server that makes it possible to exchange and download files quickly.

You can buy anonymous bitcoin VPS for torrenting as well. It means to get access to the best VPN for torrenting servers by paying in terms of bitcoins and by keeping your identity hidden or anonymous for good. Therefore, if you want to keep your data safe, then buy anonymous vps for torrenting.


The above-mentioned points explain why to do VPS providers do not allow torrenting and also explain is torrenting illegal or not.