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Why expert witnesses are essential in a surgical malpractice case?

Patients have the right to demand financial compensation if a doctor’s negligence causes severe damages and injuries. Medical malpractice cases can shatter the faith that we have on our doctors. In this context, you need to understand that lawsuits related to medical malpractice are highly complex and technical in nature. The same is applicable for orthopedic malpractices as well. Without the expert guidance of an orthopedic expert witness, the case may not stand strong. They will have to testify that there has been inadequate care by the medical professional and this is the reason why the plaintiff has suffered injuries. On the other hand, a written opinion is essential by an expert witness in a medical malpractice case.

There are different reasons why an expert witness is needed in a medical malpractice case. Therefore, get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible or else you might have to sacrifice your deserving compensation.

Reasons why an expert witness testimony is crucial in a malpractice lawsuit:

Apart from providing essential testimonies in a medical malpractice case, there are various other reasons why an expert witness is crucial.

  • To prove that there has been a breach of the duty of standard of care by the medical professionals– Every doctor owes a duty of cure to a patient under his/her treatment. Personal injury lawsuits are simpler than medical malpractice cases. For instance, proving a driver’s negligence is easy than proving a doctor’s breach of duty of care. Also, understanding the core aspects of a medical problem is outside the knowledge of a jury. The expert witness will prove that if a professional and a caring doctor with the same credentials would have been in the same situation, then he/she might have take decisions that wouldn’t have caused the injuries to the patient.
  • Malpractice claims are complicated and consists of complex elements– Because of different specialties and medical conditions, it is not possible for the jury to understand what a duty of care to the patient would have meant in that particular context. Because of this reason, an expert witness is called upon. For instance, in orthopedic malpractice cases, the attorney will hire orthopedic medical expert witnesses for the case. To get case facts, the attorneys work in close collaboration with the medical experts. They explain how a doctor has breached the duty of care, quantify the injuries and damages caused, and will determine what errors took place while the surgery was performed.
  • Malpractice attorneys should consult with a medical expert– Before filing a lawsuit, it is important for the attorney to discuss the entire matter with an expert witness. This is because there needs to be sufficient grounds to prove that the doctor has violated the standard of care and due to this, the patient had to face injuries. If this requirement is not meant, you might have to face counter-attacks from the other side which include dismissal of claims and penalties.

These are some of the reasons why expert guidance from medical expert witnesses stands crucial in a medical malpractice case.