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Why hire mediators in case of family conflicts?

Berkshire Mediation is an alternative to dispute resolution between two parties which aims to assist them in reaching the agreement. The person who is involved in this process is known as mediator. He is the neutral third party who is hired to solve the disputes and reach an agreement after listening to both the parties. Mainly people in England don’t prefer to go for court cases for family or small disputes so to solve such disputes they can hire a mediator without investing too much. They usually come-up with the agreement within 2-3 days after listing both the parties carefully and charge their fees accordingly.

Stages of mediation

Mediator’s opening statement 

After settling both the parties on the table, the mediator introduces everyone, explains guidelines, rules and goals and asks each side to work according to the rules and regulations. After this each party is invited to present their side, disputes and consequences. Other party is not allowed to interrupt when one is presenting their view.  While listening to both the parties, he may enter his general idea of resolution if they agree well and if not they carry their procedure. 

Joint discussion 

He might encourage both the parties to solve the disputes directly by giving certain solution. If they agree it’s good, if not they are subjected to meet the mediator privately in separate and present their sides and issue. He will go between the rooms for analyzing and discussing strength and weakness. After listening to both the parties and their offers, he tries to present it in front them for quick dissolution. 


After reaching the conclusion the mediators of Swindon family mediation service put their effort in creating an agreement and ask both the parties to sign it. If both the parties don’t reach any conclusion then he will help both the parties by giving expert advices and some personal time to think and reach the conclusion.