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Why is the Michigan no-fault insurance system tricky and how to understand it?

Amongst the twelve states that practice the no-fault insurance system, Michigan state laws seem to be trickier. Have you ever been a sufferer of a road accident? Then, you must have gone through the ordeal of settling your insurance claim in Michigan. Your first and foremost step should be turning towards smart names like Elia and Ponto in the car accident lawyer list. Here is a basic understanding of the ‘confusing’ no-fault insurance system.

PIP coverage

Michigan accident insurance laws follow the PIP coverage system i.e. Personal Injury Protection. It states that your personal insurance coverage will be paying all the losses like financial and medical costs according to your personal limits of your policy. The important point here is to remember that this coverage is given, without giving regard to the party responsible for the accident. Elia and Ponto provide excellent services in complete accordance with the Michigan insurance laws and their clients are highly satisfied after claim settlement.

PIP coverage benefits

Your medical expenses that arise during treatment of injuries after accident are covered. Besides, if a person loses his or her job or unable to return back to original occupation due to disabilities or hospitalisation, there is provision for compensating wages. You are also eligible for compensation wages as replacement services to pay for someone who is, in turn, doing the household chores due to your unfit situation.

Property Protection Insurance

As per this component, the coverage will also pay for any property damage caused due to your vehicle, up to a value of $1 million. But these not cover damage caused between any moving vehicles. 

It is of great Importance to check which lawyers are being selected for car accident insurance cases. Only those who are experienced and serve to resolve similar cases can be of use at such times.