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Why you need a website for your business today more than ever

You own a café at a street. Suddenly a new café opens nearby you and the entire crowd started to shift there. You have been there for long yet people are taking more interest in the new café. You keep wondering what could be the reason.

Search them on internet

You search them on Google and find their website. You can see all types of cool discounts they are giving. You can see they have a Facebook page and you get an instant 50% discount if you join them. You also see an offer on their website for unlimited drinks this Friday. You click the link and landed on a page. You are requested to enter your email to register for the offer. Once you are registered you start to get emails from them regarding cool discounts and offers you can enjoy.

You get the point

Now you can understand why people keep going there. Because they keep sending people special offers directly in their inbox. The world has gone digital. People can be contacted easily on their emails. Now you might understand that why you too need a website today if you want your business to survive.

What you should do

Get yourself a website for your business. Make a beautiful landing page. The landing page must provide something for free or an offer in exchange of people’s email. Once you get their email, you can start sending them emails regarding your weekly offers. You can also place your website on the first page of Google by taking SEO services[บริการ รับ ทำ seo, which is the term in Thai] from a good company. You can post Facebook ads to get some paid traffic as your well. Once people find you on internet and see your offers, they would be enticed to visit you more often.