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All you need to know about Divorce Attorney

A broken marriage results in a broken family and a lot of broken hearts, which is too overwhelming to handle, for the couple facing divorce and also for the families from both sides. Divorce proceedings can be extremely draining and difficult to get through. The most complicated part of a divorce is to keep emotions in check and arrive at a settlement calmly.

To understand and bear with the legal proceedings on top of all this is almost too strenuous. Hence, hiring a divorce attorney is the best thing to do. The process of divorce is best handled through a Divorce Attorney who can make sure that your interests and privacy are not violated in the open court and the settlements are a fair deal.

·        Mutual divorce

A divorce in which both the partners decide to split on a mutual basis is known as a mutual divorce. It involves simpler steps and lesser legal complications. The settlements can usually happen out of court and be more private and undisclosed.

  • Divorce Lawsuit

A divorce lawsuit can happen for either of the two cases:

  1. When one of the partners is unwilling to sign for divorce
  2. When the parting couple cannot come to a mutual agreement regarding the settlements including property, child custody or even certain familial responsibilities.

The first step is the same in all the divorces, which involves one of the partners issuing a divorce petition to the other. If the other partner willingly signs the petition, then the divorce is processed without a court hearing. The settlements are also seen in out-of-court meetings.

However, if the other spouse is not ready to sign the petition, the divorce is pushed further as a lawsuit, involving court hearings and sessions. Post both the parties presenting their case, including reasons for divorce, additional charges (in case of domestic violence), child custody, property settlement, a judge decides upon whether to grant the divorce or not. Monetary compensations, child support, alimony also follows the same suit.

A Family Attorney may represent both parties in a mutual divorce. However, for a divorce court case, each party has a legal representative. Attorney William Green understands the complications and scars a divorce can leave on a family, and hence is experienced enough to move a divorce case with utmost care and sensitivity. However, not letting emotions blur his legal perceptions, he shall ensure that the divorce is settled in the most peaceful way possible.