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If your child suffered from a birth related injury, Hire a NY Birth Injury Attorney

Nowadays medical negligence is a common issue faced by most of the people at the time of treatment in hospitals or in clinics. In some cases, the medical treatment conducted by doctors may be medically wrong, or the doctor fails to use proper knowledge during child birth. There are various conditions that you might face during child birth due to negligence of doctors. If you have gone through any of them, then you have the right to sue the doctors for your sufferings and get the compensation with the help of medical malpractice law. 

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If you are seeking for any help then you can consult various agencies working in this field to help you out. People in New York are well aware to their rights so take every possible step to get their compensation against any medical malpractice. 

Conditions that you might face 

Delivery injury 

Sometimes birth related injury can be faced by newborn baby or by mother due to doctor’s malpractice or carelessness. It is very important to take proper care of mother as well as baby during delivery because they both are in critical condition. Small carelessness of the doctor can lead to big incidents in some cases, they both have to pay with their life. So, if you also have been through such condition then you can hire professional New York birth injury attorney to get compensation for the injury.   

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Erb’s palsy 

It is the nerve related injury that occurs when the neck and shoulder of the baby gets stretched away at the time of delivery. It can affect baby’s physical condition and can cause damage to a cluster of nerves located near the neck. It can lead to numbness, weakness and in some cases loss of movement in arms may also occur. If your child is also facing such problems because of doctor’s mistake then you can hire a professional attorney to get compensation against it.