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Importance of face cards in Indian Rummy Download to know them

Rummy is a card game with 54 cards, which are 52 regular cards and 2 joker cards. The 52 cards consist of 13 cards of the four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. Understanding all of these cards and their hierarchies is essential to learning how Rummy works. You can simply Indian Rummy download and learn it as you play with real Indian players online.

What is the importance of face cards in Indian Rummy?

In the 13 cards of every suit, has 10 numbered cards from ace to ten and 3 face cards. The numbered cards are valued as much as their number and aces and face cards are valued at 10 points each. Hence, face cards are one of the strongest cards in the game due to them carrying 10 points. They should be used carefully and at the right time or else their potential would be wasted.

There are three of them:

King- The highest in the hierarchy among face cards, the king is the second most powerful card in the game. All four suites have different backgrounds for the king, all representing famous old kings.

Queen- The second most powerful among the face cards, the queen is the third most powerful card in the game after Aces and Kings.

Jack- The weakest of the face cards, the Jack is stronger than all the numbered cards. Jacks are very helpful as they are still one of the strongest cards in the game.

When playing Indian variants of Rummy, it is always important to understand how the face cards work as they are one of the strongest cards in the game. A pure combination of face cards is a way to an easy victory while ignoring or misunderstanding them might lead to loss of game and money.

When you Indian Rummy download and play the game, you get to see the face cards in action and hence learn how they work. One should keep in mind that in case a face card is selected as the wild card joker, their value will go down to 0 and not 10 as it usually is. Understanding these intricacies and then getting some practice with them is crucial to being a good player of Rummy. Rummy is a skill-based game and hence you can be good at it only if you spend a lot of time playing Indian Rummy.


Face cards are a very important element of Rummy games. There are three of them, King, Queen, and Jack. They are three of the strongest cards in the game. They are worth 10 points. They are worth 0 points if declared a wild card joker. Downloading Indian Rummy will help you play games with like-minded Indians who share a passion for the game and only with practice one can learn how to use the cards well. And once that is figured out, no one can be stopped from earning a lot of money while playing their favorite card game.