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Matthew Feargrieve

A few months ago there was a lawyer who had punched a classical music fan as the fellow happened to pick his wife’s coat and slung it on her lap.

Rightly guessed, we are here talking about Matthew Feargrieve, 43 years old corporate and investment funds lawyer with more than 16 years of experience. Moreover, he has worked with the world’s finest and leading law firms.  He right now practices the UK, Cayman Islands, and British Virgin Islands law.

The other fellow, Ulrich Engler, is 56 years old and is opera lover. The incident took place during a performance of Wagner’s Siegfried at the Royal Opera House in Convent Garden. The situation leads to a fight when Engler grabbed Matthew’s wife’s coat from an empty seat and then slung it onto her lap. The case was taken to Westminister Magistrates’ Court heard.  

The court heard that they were at the Royal Opera house for Ring Circle performance and during such opera performances, it is usual for people to sit on their assigned seats. Feargrieve and his wife were sat in their assigned seats, and she had placed her coat in the empty seat next to her.

Engler however, stated that he had asked Mr. Feargrieve: “Would you mind if I sat here?”

After allegedly being refused, he picked up the coat and placed it on her laps, but it somehow landed up on the floor.  

Engler also said the Feargrieve shouted at him for talking to his wife like this and punched him on the shoulder almost thrice.

However, Ms. Murphy said: ‘He said that he didn’t reply or retaliate at all’

She continued: ‘his statement says that Mr. Engel asked if she has paid for the seat and threw her jacket on the floor. And she moved towards the jacket to protect it.’

‘She said he puts his hand up and pushed her so that she fell back towards Mr. Feargrieve.’ Sending the case for a summary trial, magistrate Colin Bateman-Jones said: ‘We have made a petition for a day and a half on the assumptions that it seems like an awful lot of witnesses.’ Feargrieve, of Barnes, southwest London, denies assault by beating. He will face trial on 9 May at City of London Magistrates Court.

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